Winner's Code Junior

What is the "Winner's Code Junior"?

“Winner’s Code Junior” is a quick, simple, and easy to implement, proven method for practical success in life.

The program is based on the content of the adult program “Winner’s Code – Alon Ulman” that had been studied by over 200,000 people in Israel, and with an experience of over 10 years. The program was developed out of a belief that anyone could grow and become their bigger self, and the sooner, younger they start, the easier it will be to implement the habits and standards required for success.

This is the only program that gives children access to adult self improvement material and content, adopted to them in clear language and in a way that develops values and principles of excellence, aspiration, intrapreneurship, personal development, inner motivation, self-discipline, integrity, human love, and, the giving value. The content affect the children in any aspect of life including their daily behavior as students in and out of school.

The program brings a proven, practical methodology that worked for thousands of adults and children. It’s fast and easy to implement for success in life, it makes students have a passion for success, learning, and becoming better people.

“Winner’s Code Junior” is a unique program, approved by the Israeli ministry of education (program number 2547), and has been successfully operating in different schools for over 5 years.


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More than 15,000 students that have studied and are currently studying “Winner’s code junior” are’nt wrong!
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