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In the “Winner’s Code Junior” method for the school’s staff.

in “Winner’s Code Junior” method for students and school staff.
“Winner’s Code Junior” online:
The goal: teaching practical success to both students and teachers.

A unique and innovative concept, that works in a digital form. It combines the Winner’s Code Junior’s content with special training for teachers on how to become a mentor in the system. The program teaches the basics of practical success in an easy, simple to implement way, in every aspect of your life. 

What is the “Junior Success Code” program?

“Junior Success Code” is a program for grades 2nd – 12th approved by the Israeli ministry of education (program number 2545)

The program was developed after a successful decade of research activities among adults and has been working for several years in many schools, and had thousands of participating students. It is based on the understanding that each one of us can grow into our “bigger self”, and the sooner, younger we start, the easier it is going to be to implement the habits and standards required to succeed. 

This is the only program that delivers children mature content in a clear language and in a way that makes them develop values and principles of excellence, leadership, fulfillment, entrepreneurship, personal development, inner motivation, self-control, integrity, and giving and receiving value. The program trains teachers to be “Mentor Teachers” in the “Junior Success Code” method, and teaches them, to affect their own and their students’ life in every aspect (in school’ personal, social, family, and more). 

The program brings a practical, proven, quick, and easy to implement methodology and method for success in life, which has worked for thousands of adults and children, Which makes the students have the passion and drive to succeed and become better humans.

“Junior’s Success Code” module includes the 5 ingredients for success:

The uniqueness of this module is its ability to address the ingredients as a unit and not as separates. 

“Winner’s Code Junior” online program:

The content of “Winner’s Code Junior” ONLINE is delivered in an interactive, young, colorful and dynamic digital way, adapted to the studying experience of students and teachers.

מודול מורים

Online studies of the “Winner’s Code Junior” program while training the school staff to be “mentor teachers”.

תוכן המודול

In a hard work and an investment of hundred thousands of shekels we created the digital version of “Winner’s Code Junior”

The program’s model includes students, teachers and principles in the same platform because their relationship as leaders, for themselves and others have a major impact on their life at school and out of it. 

 P.R.L= Principals R Leaders

T.R.L= Teachers R Leaders

 S.R.L= Students R Leaders

The model of success in the program is built for instant implementation by the students and the school staff and not just as preparations for the future. The program gives them values and abilities that dramatically increase their chances to achieve their desired results including for students, both now in school and in their future lives as adults, in a rapidly changing and competitive world.

Benefits of the program


School teachers are qualified as “Mentors” in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method.


Personal development and empowerment in the T.R.L format.


The huge value of the program stays with the school’s management and teaching staff and is passed on to the children.


Making the “Winners code junior” language the spoken language by the schools staff and students.


Self empowerment and development of the students = S.R.L


Improving the management of a class by the teacher.


Improving the children’s behavior, which allows the teachers to focus mainly on fulfilling their purpose by imparting their discipline, knowledge and values to the children.


Creating values of giving, volunteering and contributing to the community.


Improvement in the classrooms atmosphere.


Students with inner motivation, self discipline and self leadership.


Improving academic accomplishments.


Decrease in violence (physical, digital or verbal).


Teachers and students aspire for success in every aspect of their lives, with passion to be better and successful people while understanding the clear relation between their actions and and results in life.


Satisfaction of the students towards their school. 


Satisfaction of the teachers towards their work done in school.


Improving the relationship and communication between the students and the teachers    

Key topics in the program

Year 1: 'Winner's Code Junior Online'

How to create personal leadership: leading ourselves and then others. (Module 4)

The human operating system: how to create my desired outcomes. (Module 5)

How to create inner motivation and start a process of success (Module 6)

Our thoughts as a tool to create our reality (Module 7)

Personal research: the journey from my ‘current self’ to my ‘better self’ (Module 11)

Life in the four worlds: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional (Module 17)

Failing forward: how to face failures, challenges, and unwanted outcomes, without breaking or giving up. (Module 18)

Winners’ questions: five special questions winners ask themselves and how to make a benefit off them (Module 20)

Winning Vision: how to set both large and small goals and work to achieve them (Module 26)

Year 2: 'Winner's Code Junior Online' - advanced.

The seven levels of consciousness: familiarity with the seven levels of consciousness, identifying my level, stepping out of comfort zones to move forward (Module 27)

The two forces: the environment (outer) and the inner judge (inner) (Module 29)

Effectiveness: how to be effective people and achieve our desired outcomes (Module 30)

Breaking boundaries: a formula of six steps for breaking boundaries (Module 32)

The 10,000 rule: how to move on despite difficulties (Module 34)

Overcoming fear: real fear compared to imaginary fear and how to move past them (Module 35)

The core principle ‘anything you want to receive – give’: giving. everything we get in this world is a result of the value we give other. (Module 38)

Management (in) time: challenges of time management, the winner’s code system of correct personal management in time (Module 42)

Winning behavior: six codes for a winning behavior in daily life, now and in the future (Module 47)

Holidays: Personal development in relation to jewish holidays (Rosh Hashannah, Hanukkah and Passover) holidays module.

We used to think the program works, today we know it does. The method is proven

how is the “Winner’s Code Junior” online program built?

תוכן המודול

Digital learning platform that is available to watch on the computer, tablet or cellphone.

תכנית שנתית

26 modules to watch in the first year course.

תכנית שנתית

27 Modules to watch in the advanced course for the second year.


In every module there are about 3-5 short video classes. every class is around 5-15 minutes long.

למידה אישית

Adjusted for viewing according to the attention of children.

הכשרת מורים

The content is recorded and available to watch anytime during the year.

The license is a “Mentor Teacher” license for a classroom (there is a possibility to add student licenses for the class students).


An accompaniment and support forum to ask questions, consult and get a direct response from Michal solomonivich, the program leader, and from our expert instructors.


Entering the learning platform through the program’s website with a personal username and password that are made for every “Mentor Teacher” that participates in the program.

How we made it practical for teachers and children?

“Train the trainers”- training the teachers as “Mentor Teachers” in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method and by activating the program in classes, all while using a digital learning platform to teach the program in classes.

Training the teachers as “Mentor Teachers” in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method and activating the program doesnt require any early preparations. the only thing needed is to push the “Play” button for the first lesson video in the system and then implementing the contents and tasks according to the teachers will and the progress rate of the class.

Its possible to take tutorials for the teaching staff in school, by the leading team of instructors from the “Winner’s Code Junior”.

Watching the lessons with the students, according to the teacher’s judgment, at a comfortable time and pace as requiered for the class.

Its possible to activate the program in small groups, private lessons and one on one meetings with the students.

Its possible to watch the content as much as you want during the year.

In every class during the program there are unique tasks and worksheets to be done. Its possible to project the worksheets on the class board or print them out and hand them to the teachers and students.

The videos are short, fun, with a quiet background music and animated graphic illustrations that help the students stay focused and engaged on the content. 

A set of posters to hand in class, for creating a visual presence of the taught content on the “Winners code junior wall”.

The “Winners code Junior” language becomes common among the school staff and stuends and even the parents, through the students at home.

“Mentor teacher” in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method, implements the personal development and practical success contents in both his personal and professional life as an educator and teacher. 

what ages is the program suitable for?

The program is recommended for “Mentor Teacher” training in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method for the school staff of grades 4th – 6th and 7th – 9th.

ליווי הורים

The program allows “Mentor Teacher” training in the “Winner’s C ode Junior” method for younger ages (grades 1st – 3rd) while watching the videos will require more significant help from the teachers to the student.

The content of the program are suitable up until grade 12th. The examples are for younger students. A “Mentor Teacher” in the ” Winner’s Code Junior” method that teachers older student will have to adapt and use other, more mature and suitable examples that fit their daily life.

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More than 10,000 students that have studied and are currently studying “Winner’s code junior” are’nt wrong!
Here is what they had to say about the program:


For training “Mentor Teachers” in the “Winner’s Code junior” online, for details and personal planning of the “Winner’s Code junior” for schools, please contact Michal Solomonovich via Email: [email protected]

On a personal note, we see schools as strategic Partners and leaders in education, with whom we can break the known boundaries in the educational world and allow principles, teachers and students to have knowledge, method, tools, environment and mentoring, greater inner motivation to fulfill more, success and accomplish, in the immediate range and the longer range. To allow every teacher in school to become a “Mentor Teacher” in the “Winner’s Code Junior” method.

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