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Everything your children never learn in school but must know to succeed in life

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People have always wanted to be happy and successful. However, not everyone manages to be those things. Not because they are not capable or not talented, but because no one ever taught them how to do it.

Success in life is not a fluke. It has clear codes. When you act according to those codes, there’s no way you won’t become successful! 

Unfortunately, most of us were never taught those codes. No one ever taught us the skills and abilities that separate successful people from everyone else- the ability to set exciting and thrilling goals for ourselves, and then achieve them. The ability to lead ourselves and others. The ability to not let failures and challenges stop us. Creating high standards that will lead us to any goal we desire. The needed mental strength and self-confidence. And lastly, the ability to establish strong and healthy relationships with our family, friends, and anyone else around us. 

Most of us had to learn those things the hard way – by ourselves, step by step. And it took a very long time, years. Imagine if you had an option to learn all those life lessons as kids. Wouldn’t it make the path to your goals shorter? Easier? Just imagine how successful you could have been right now if you knew these things from a younger age. 

We can’t go back in time and implant those success codes from a younger age. But what we can do is let our children have them! So that they can learn the codes of success from a young age!

You can expose your children to the knowledge and tools for success in life.  The younger they are, the easier it will be for them to assimilate the habits and standards they learn. It will dramatically increase their chance of achieving goals now and in their adult life, in a competitive world that changes every day. 

That’s why we created the ‘Winner’s Code Junior’ program. A proven, quick, simple, and easy practical success method that had been studied by students all around Israel.

What is ‘The Winner’s Code Junior Online’ ?


An interactive digital program that will give your children a quick, simple, and easy method to implement for practical success in life.


‘Winner’s Code Junior Online’ is the digital version of the ‘Winner’s Code Junior’ program – a proven method for practical success in life. Fast, simple, and easy to implement, approved in the Israeli Ministry of Education’s programs, and has been successful in many schools and thousands of students.

The program is based on the content of the “Winner’s Code – Alon Ullman” for adults. The winner’s code is a practical model for success in life that relies on mapping the DNA of success and happiness. For over a decade, the model has been researched, built, and refined. It helped over 200,000 people in Israel to achieve their results and goals quickly and powerfully.  It also has proven experience and actual results in over 10 years.


Dedicated with love to all children, out of a strong desire To give them what we did not have.


And also for parents who want to give their children the cutting edge of knowledge that will provide them a relative advantage and make it easier for them to live a life full of happiness and meaning and to anyone who works with children and would like to expand their professional tools.

‘Winner’s Code junior Online’ is displayed on a digital, dynamic, and colorful platform adapted to children’s viewing experience.
The program model is unique and combines the five components of growth:
method, tools, knowledge, mentoring, and a winning environment.



Full availability, 24/7 on the computer, tablet and cellphone.

למידה אישית

Personal learning

On your own, comfortable time and pace

למידה אפקטיבית

Effective learning

Division to modules. Each module contains several, short video clips, adapted to the Kid's attention ability.

טווח גילאים רחב

Wide ages range

Youth in grades uth - gth (younger with parents help, older With examples adaption).

ליווי הורים

Added value for Parents

An opportunity to learn with the kids on the same platform.

הפעלות וחומרי עזר

Activities and reference materials

Videos and photos, exercises and worksheets.

קבוצות למידה

Support during the Process

Forum for communication between the students and the program's guides.

What does the program include?

two courses you can buy either separately or together:

Winner's Code Junior Online (26 Modules):

How to create personal leadership: Leading ourselves and then others. (Module 4)

The human operating system: How to create my desired outcomes. (Module 5)

How to create inner motivation and start a process of success (Module 6).

Our thoughts as a tool to create our reality (Module 7)

Personal research: The journey from my ‘current self’ to my ‘better self’ (Module 11)

Life in the four worlds: Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional (Module 17)

Failing forward: How to face failures, challenges, and unwanted outcomes, without breaking or giving up. (Module 18)

Winners’ questions: five special questions winners ask themselves and how to make a benefit off them (Module 20).

Winning Vision: how to set both large and small goals and work to achieve them (Module 26).

Time management for juniors - Expertise course (5 Modules)

Management (in) time: The winner’s code junior system of correct personal management in time; Get to know the time bank (Module 1)

Time management challenges: Overuse of the mobile phone and knowledge of the different types of time management (Module 2)

The method of management (in) time: The four quarters in the system of axes of management (in) time (Module 3)

Application of the management (in) time method: how to do it in our everyday life (Module 4)

Dealing with my time robbers: Identifying and dealing with my time robbers (Module 5)

About us:

Alon Ulman:

Alon Ulman is a leading entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and mentor in Israel. Founder of the “Winner’s Code” group, the leading personal development company in Israel, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people and organizations achieve their goals and success with an intensity and speed they did not know possible.

Lieutenant Colonel in reserve who served in the Navy, as a commander of missile ships, chief instructor in a seamanship course, and more. After a rare medical event and the finish line of his first Iron Man competition, Alon realized he had to dedicate his life to researching, and modeling the DNA of practical success, making it accessible to people and companies, and he does so with great passion. Alon has a master’s degree (with honors) in business administration and a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in economics. His book “Breaking Boundaries – How to live the Life You Always Wanted” is a bestseller.

Michal Solomonovich:

Michal Solomonovich came to the field of education from the business world after working for years as a leading lawyer with a specialty in taxes. Following a medical event, she decided to take a turn, change the priorities in her life and move on to educating the next generation, out of a mission to create and lead the ‘Winner’s Code Junior’, in Israel and around the world. Michal lectures to school principals, teachers, parents, and students. Michal holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in law from Tel Aviv University. She has a teaching certificate (with honors) and worked in the field of education as a teacher and educator. She is an expert personal trainer in coaching children, teens, and their parents.

Want to know more?

Watch the students of “Winner’s Code Junior” tell and share their experience

Play Video
Play Video

you’re one click away from…

Children who love and want to study.

Children with self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

Children with personal leadership and responsibility.

Children with inner motivation and self-discipline.

Improvement in school accomplishments.

Decrease in violence (physical, verbal and digital).

Children who aspire for success in any aspect of their life, with passion to be good and successful people and a full understanding of the relation between their actions and results.

Children set themselves personal targets and goals.

Children who manage winning relationships with their parents, family and friends.

* Don’t buy your children What you didn’t have. Teach them What you weren’t taught *

The results within children

Henrietta Szold Institute, the national institute for behavioral Sciences research, conducted an evaluation of the program and determined.


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More than 10,000 students that have studied and are currently studying “Winner’s code junior” are’nt wrong!
Here is what they had to say about the program:

“The program has helped me grow and advance. I now  believe in myself more.”
A student from the program
In “Winner’s Code Junior” I learned to focus on my target and never give up, to achieve my dreams and not let others control me. I learned that I live my own movie where I decide how it plays out.”
A student from the program
“Winner’s Code Junior” is one of the most important and fun lessons i’ve learnt in all my school years”
A student from the program
“As early as the first two weeks I realized this program was something different. I realized that something was going to happen to me, not to the class, to me!  I saw children excited, open, participating and changing slowly… I felt a change in myself, I progressed stage after stage in my personal life. I realized things that helped me move and change, not only think… I want to learn more, know more and to delve deeper.”
A mentor teacher from the program
“The program contributes to the children’s empowerment, grants operative tools for day to day conduct, setting goals and reaching targets… The children make use of the tools in their day to day routines, during school hours, during extracurricular activities and even in different family settings. The children’s parents are co partners, the “Winners Code” language has been passed from the students to their parents. They report significant changes in the relationships between siblings and between a child to their parents.” 
A school’s principal from the program.


Do we have to watch the program at certain times, like homeschool?

The program includes recorded content which can be watched whenever you want and at your own pace.
You can watch them over and over as many times as you would like at any time.

When does every module become available to watch?

Every module has a number of short video lessons.
The first and second modules are available to watch right after your purchase.
Afterwards, a new module becomes available to watch each day.

Is there accompaniment and support for the children as a part of the program?

Yes! Every lesson in the program has a forum that is managed by the  “Winner’s Code Junior” Mentors for children, where they can communicate with Michal Solomonovich and the program’s mentors. They can ask questions or write comments and receive answers.
Will the kids be able to concentrate and watch the program videos without losing focus?
Not to worry. We have put extensive thought into this subject of the children’s attention spans and we have built the program in a way that enables them to concentrate and stay focused on our videos with ease. The videos are short and fun. Each is  accompanied with soothing background music and graphic illustrations that move and help the children watch the content without losing focus.

I have three kids, do I need to purchase separate subscriptions for each one? 

No, no need at all, the subscription is a family subscription.
The children can watch the content together or apart whenever it’s most convenient for them, all on the same subscription.


What ages does the program suit?

The program is recommended to watch alone without parental guidance for children between 4th-9th grade in school.
Even you, the parents can derive from the program alot of use – quality time with the children, create a promoting family language at home and even apply the program by yourself in your own personal life!
Even you, the parents can derive from the program alot of use – quality time with the children, create a promoting family language at home and even apply the program by yourself in your own personal life!


Your investment in the Program

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Winner’s Code Junior mobilize to help parents and children in a crazy price of the Winner’s code Junior Online
A discount of 1.180 NIS (60%)

Time managment Junior Course

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Winner's Code Junior Online Course.

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