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"Winner's Code" group:

The “Winner’s Code” group is the leading group in the Israeli field of practical success, personal\buisness development, and breaking boundaries. The group started with a passion to lead individuals and organizations to the success and achievement of their goals, at a speed and intensity they didn’t know possible. Leading individuals and organizations to boundaries breaking and top performance, through their greatness and allow people to grow into their bigger self, in a way that makes the world a better place. The group’s events include of ‘breaking boundaries’ lecture, ‘Winner’s Code’ workshops, ‘Money Code” workshops, and team process.


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The leaders of Winner's Code Junior:

אלון אולמן

Alon Ulman:
Alon Ulman is a leading entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and mentor in Israel. Founder of the “Winner’s Code” group, the leading personal development company in Israel, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people and organizations achieve their goals and success with an intensity and speed they did not know possible.

Lieutenant Colonel in reserve who served in the Navy, as a commander of missile ships, chief instructor in a seamanship course, and more. After a rare medical event and the finish line of his first Iron Man competition, Alon realized he had to dedicate his life to researching, and modeling the DNA of practical success, making it accessible to people and companies, and he does so with great passion. Alon has a master’s degree (with honors) in business administration and a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in economics. His book “Breaking Boundaries – How to live the Life You Always Wanted” is a bestseller.        

מיכל סולומונוביץ

Dr. Michal Solomonovich:
Michal Solomonovich has a Ph.D. in Education. Michal came to the field of education from the business world after working for years as a leading lawyer with a specialty in taxes. Following a medical event, she decided to take a turn, change the priorities in her life and move on to educating the next generation, out of a mission to create and lead the ‘Winner’s Code Junior’, in Israel and around the world. Michal lectures to school principals, teachers, parents, and students.

Michal holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in law. She has a teaching certificate (with honors) and worked in the field of education as a teacher and educator. She is an NLP Master and an expert personal trainer in coaching children, teens, and their parents.

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מיכל סולומונוביץ
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